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information [11 Dec 2020|03:19am]
→ i'm looking for someone who really loves to write and is only interested in threading. comments are fun and can sometimes add to the experience, but i want the focus to be on writing scenes. third person, storybook.

→ must be over 18. i do not want smutty lines and i'll only write adult scenes if it's important for character development or the story in some way. if my slp prefers fade to black that is 100% okay with me.

→ i usually decide my pb after discussing a line. i totally understand the desire to like who you're playing against and am all for discussing pb options once we've worked something out, i just don't want faces to be the basis of the storyline.

→ het, femme or slash. as long as the line is interesting enough i'm in.

→ storyline ideas: best friends realize they have feelings for eachother, newlywed falls in love with their spouses sibling, toxic/co-dependent relationship, drug or alcohol addiction, promiscuous party girl and her nerdy friend who thinks he has no chance (this one would be fun to faux celeb i think)

→ pb and fandom only, with one exception. i'd celeb ryan ross because i played him for years many moons ago and i still remember enough to pull it off. so if you play brendon urie let me know because i'm always down to write ryden and i actually have line ideas for them. other than that, celeb is off the table.

fandoms i'll write: star wars, buffy the vampire slayer, game of thrones, final fantasy, lord of the rings, mass effect, dragon age, lost. fandom is actually my favorite thing to write but it's hard finding fandom writers!
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